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Dry Eye

Your Source for North Vancouver Dry Eye Relief

Dry eye is a potentially-serious situation that can interfere with your vision, eye comfort and eye health. Fortunately, however, you don't have to let this irritating issue make your life miserable. Each optometrist at our two offices can provide you with the North Vancouver dry eye relief you need.

dry eye treatment from our optometrist in west and north vancouver

Why Dry Eye Occurs -- and What It Can Do to You

The front of your eye is normally protected by a thin, three-layered tear film. This tear film consists of a mucous layer to protect the eye, a water layer to moisturize it, and an outer oil layer to prevent evaporation. If your tear glands cannot produce both a sufficient quantity of tears and the right balance between tear film ingredients, the result is the syndrome known as dry eye. Symptoms include:

• Redness

• Itching and irritation

• A feeling of eye strain or fatigue

• A "foreign body" feeling in the eye

• Blurred or distorted vision

Dry eye is not one of those annoyances you should "just live with." The longer your eye goes unprotected and dehydrated, the more vulnerable it becomes to injuries and diseases -- including potential scarring of the corneas.

Dry eye may be caused by a number of changes, either in your body or in your surroundings. The single most common cause of dry eye is the aging process itself, since people tend to produce fewer tears as they grow older. Eyelid inflammation (from the Dermodex mite) can create dry eye symptoms. Another leading cause of dry eye is meibomian gland dysfunction. These glands, in and around the eyelid, are responsible for contributing oil to tear film, so a blockage in these glands can throw your tear composition out of balance. Medications or medical conditions that promote dryness can also promote dry eye. Last but not least, your lifestyle may be a factor. Windy environments (including fan operation) and long hours in front of a computer screen (which discourages normal blinking) can give you a case of dry eye.

Your North Vancouver Optometrist Has the Answers

Turn to your North Vancouver optometrist at Hollyburn Eye Clinic for the solutions to your dry eye problem. Your eye doctor can evaluate your health, tear film and medication regimen to isolate the underlying cause, prescribing remedies such as:

• BlephEx and home remedies to cleanse the eyelids

• Artificial tears or medicated eye drops

• Meibomian gland treatment

• Changes in your daily environment or computer usage schedule

• Adjustments to your medications and/or medical treatment for underlying ailments

Need an Eye Doctor for Your Dry Eye Issues?

The experienced team at Hollyburn Eye Clinic can help you keep dry safely safely at bay. Take the first step toward protecting your eyes against this irritating problem -- schedule an appointment with any eye doctor at either of our North Vancouver office!

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