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Eye & Vision Emergency

Eye and Vision Emergency: When to See our Eye Doctor in North Vancouver

With general health concerns, many patients decide to wait and see whether their symptoms improve before seeking emergency treatment. Eye and vision symptoms which call for immediate treatment, however, are different. With vision-threatening eye conditions, time is truly of the essence, as delaying treatment with an eye doctor in North Vancouver will allow irreversible conditions to progress quickly. We strongly encourage you to seek emergency care right away, if you incur trauma or an injury to the eye or eye area, come into contact with harmful chemicals, or notice any of the following symptoms:

eye and vision emergency services from our optometrist in west vancouver

• Sudden Vision Loss

• Pain Around or In Your Eyes (dull, sharp, aching, burning, stabbing, shooting, or gritty)

• Flashing Lights

• Floaters or Other Visual Obstructions

• Light-Sensitivity, Redness, or Pain After Sleeping in Contact Lenses

Each of these symptoms can signify serious eye conditions which can cause permanent vision loss. These symptoms occur with conditions such as glaucoma, retinal detachment, problems with the optic nerve, a blockage in the central retinal artery, corneal abrasions, corneal ulcers, burns, conjunctivitis, uveitis, tumors, trauma, chemical burn, and migraines. Pain which follows sleeping in contact lenses can signify the presence of a corneal ulcer, which often progress extremely fast, causing permanent damage within 48 hours.

Eye Emergencies Require Quick Assessment and Treatment with Our North Vancouver Eye Doctors

Many of the previously mentioned eye conditions will progress quickly, leading to permanent vision damage or loss of eyesight, if left untreated. If you notice any of these symptoms, we encourage you seek immediate eye care with our North Vancouver eye doctors to prevent permanent damage to eyesight.

During an emergency exam, our eye doctors quickly assess the patient's condition with a discussion of current symptoms, a determination of the timeline of symptom onset, and a thorough physical evaluation. After reaching a diagnosis, our eye doctors will begin immediate treatment to halt the condition's progress and manage pain in order to best preserve and restore the patient's vision.

After initial diagnosis and treatment in an emergency situation, the eye patient will likely need to return to our clinic for follow up appointments, further treatment, and to allow our eye doctors to monitor the patient's condition.

Emergency Eye Care with Our North Vancouver Eye Doctors

If you experience an eye injury, any sudden vision changes, eye pain, or accidentally introduce a chemical into your eyes, you should always seek immediate treatment. The eyes are a delicate part of the body, and vision is essential to your everyday life. If you have an eye or vision emergency, visit Hollyburn Eye Clinic for immediate treatment with our North Vancouver eye doctors. For more information about our emergency vision care services contact our office at 604-984-2020 (north).

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