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Eye and Vision Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Even if one may not experience any trouble seeing objects whether its distance or close up, a comprehensive exam would still be recommended. Comprehensive eye exams should be part of every individual's wellness and preventative healthcare. During these examinations, our Doctor of Optometry not only evaluates patient’s visual acuity for prescription lenses, but more importantly they examine the ocular health. This is crucial as it allows us to screen for early signs of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, ocular surface disease and more.

Hollyburn Eye Clinic's Vancouver Optometrist Treats Patients of All Ages

Pediatric exams:

Treating children is essential for preventative ocular complications in the future. Although limited with communication, we recommend eye exams for infants as early as 6 months, to evaluate overall development and health of the eye. As children become more verbally communicative, this will allow for more extensive exams that include visual acuity and color deficiency. Our Doctors of Optometry can diagnose common childhood eye conditions that can be corrected with specialized treatment or therapy. The most common conditions include:

• Amblyopia (lazy eye)

• Strabismus (crossed eye)

• Ptosis (drooping eyelid)

• Refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism)

Adult & Senior Exams:

During an eye exam, our Doctors of Optometry perform visual acuity tests, slit lamp examinations, and pressure tests. These procedures allow our doctors to look inside the patient's eye to examine its internal structures, looking for signs of disease or the development of eye conditions such as glaucoma. These tests also help in detecting needs for corrective lenses. Our doctors will check to ensure that patients are comfortable with your vision at all distances. We can also prescribe custom prescription for those special tasks, such computer, to read music and many more. As patients age, they become more susceptible to developing certain eye conditions.Our doctors will also discuss with patients the preventative measures which can be taken to safeguard eyesight in addition to any treatments or therapies if necessary.

The Importance of Annual Exams:

Eyes can rapidly shift, therefore we recommend annual eye exams to ensure that you and your families eyes are functioning at optimal health. This helps us in maintaining eye conditions or ocular diseases, which could possibly cause irreparable damage. To learn more about Hollyburn Eye Clinics eye care services or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office at 604- 984 2020. Our Doctors of Optometry and staff look forward to providing you and your family with top quality, personalized eye care.

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