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Eyecare Services

Your family can benefit from a full spectrum of primary eye care services from our Doctors of Optometry. Hollyburn Eye Clinic offers:

Comprehensive Eye Exams
We perform comprehensive eye exams on infants, toddlers, teens, adults and seniors. Our Doctors of Optometrys maintain the highest standards of technical skills and are equipped with the latest advances in eyecare technology to ensure ocular health. Our comprehensive eye exams include Astigmatism, Tear Osmolarity, Tonometry, Autorefractor, Pachymetry.

Retinal Digital Photography
Digital retinal photography gives us (and you) a detailed look inside the eye. Our specialized digital camera can photograph the vast majority of the retinal area, allowing us to spot any signs of disease or injury. We can then use these photographs as a reference point from one exam to the next.

Visual Field Testing/Glaucoma Screening
By examining your ability to see blinking lights in various parts of your visual field, we can tell whether you've lost any peripheral vision due to glaucoma. Other glaucoma screening methods include pressure checks, viewing the optic nerves, and basic visual acuity testing.

Kids' Eye Care
Kids need comprehensive eye exams, especially since their visual skills are still developing. Our Doctors of Optometrys can make sure their eyes are healthy, functioning correctly and seeing clearly, prescribing corrective lenses as needed. Children's annual eye exams are covered through a BC Care Card.

Dry Eye Relief
Dry eye not only irritates the eyes and clouds vision, but it can also permit your corneas to become damaged or infected. We can prescribe many forms of dry eye relief, from simple remedies to medicated eye drops.

Corrective Prescription Lenses and Frames
We provide prescription lenses in a wide range of stylish frames to complement your personal look. We can also protect you with UV, Blue Blocking, and polarized filtering prescription glasses/sunglasses to help you safeguard your eyesight.

Contact Lens Fittings and Evaluations
Our Doctors of Optometrys can perform a thorough contact lens evaluation to determine what lenses will best suit you. We offer contact lens products to accommodate any need, performing precise fittings to help you enjoy the best possible vision correction and optimal comfort.

Laser Vision/Cataract Surgery Consultation and Co-Management
If you're considering laser surgery to correct your vision or remove cataracts, come to Hollyburn Eye Clinic first. We will perform initial evaluations, refer you for surgery, and co-manage your recuperation.

Emergency Eye Care
If you find yourself facing an eye emergency such as an injury, foreign object in the eye, severe infection, or sudden intense eye pain, trust our Doctors of Optometrys for prompt emergency care that could save your eyesight.

State of the Art Diagnostic Technology
We use the latest technology such as Optical coherence Tomography (an in-depth radiation free medical retinal scans that analyzes the retina, optic disc, and anterior segment structures), retinal camera, visual field testing. Our advanced technology is important to properly rule out underlying health issues that can affect your prescription and overall vision quality.

Hollyburn Eye Clinic is here for your eye care needs.

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