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Learn about Optometry from an Optometrist in North Vancouver 

The word optometry comes from the Greek words opsis and metron, which respectively translate to "view" and "measure." One of the first instruments developed to test eyesight was thus named the optometer, and medical professionals who used this instrument became known as Doctors of Optometry, and their field of study, optometry. Today, our Doctors of Optometry in North Vancouver, complete years of education and training to become doctors of optometry, and they are trained in much more than visual acuity testing.

In addition to visual acuity testing, Doctors of Optometry of the modern world are fully educated, trained, and equipped to diagnose and treat many eye diseases and eye conditions with diagnostic testing, therapeutic medicine, prescribed oral medications, and topical medications such as eye drops, gels, and salves. These treatments cover the majority of eye diseases. If we diagnose an eye condition in one of our patients, however, which requires more advanced treatment, such as eye surgery, one of our Doctors of Optometry will refer the

patient to a trusted ophthalmologist for further care.

learn more about optometry from our optometrist in north vancouver and west vancouver

What to Expect During an Appointment with our Optometrists

During a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist in North Vancouver, we examine a patient's eyes and visual systems for proper function and any signs of abnormality. This evaluation includes:

  • a visual acuity test using projected and hand held eye charts
  • a color blindness test (if your first appointment with an eye doctor)
  • a cover test which the doctor uses to evaluate your binocular vision (how well both of your eyes work together)
  • an eye movement test with which our Doctors of Optometry evaluate how smoothly and quickly your eyes are able to follow an object or move between and focus on separate objects
  • a refraction test using a phoropter allows our eye doctor to determine the patient's corrective lens prescription. If patients cannot answer questions, we use a retinoscopy test during which patients focus on an eye chart's large "E" while one of our Doctors of Optometry shines a light on the patient's eye through various lenses. This allows our optometrist to measure the patient's corrective lens prescription based on the way light reflects on the eye.
  • an internal structure examination with a slit lamp and pupil dilation used to inspect the health of the eye's internal structures, such as the lens and retina
  • a glaucoma screening with an eye pressure test

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To ensure early diagnosis and treatment of eye disease and prevent eye strain with an up to date corrective lens prescription, we recommend our patients see one of our Hollyburn Eye Clinic Doctors of Optometry at least once per year. To schedule an appointment with an eye doctor or learn more about what an optometrist can do for you, contact our North Vancouver office at (604) 984-2020. We look forward to providing you and your family with excellent eye care.

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